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What are the steps to become a criminal defense attorney

Are you interested in the field of criminal law? Then opting for professional career as a criminal defense attorney will surely be a wise decision. There is a huge demand for the experienced and capable lawyers in the above field. Before you start your career as a criminal defense lawyer it’s important for you to acquire required qualification from a reputed college. Besides earning the bachelor’s degree and also the degree in law, it’s important for you to pass the tests that are being conducted by the bar association. Below have been discussed some of the important steps to become a professional criminal defense lawyer.

Analyze yourself

Firstly it’s important for you to analyze whether you are capable to start a professional career in the above field. Try to determine whether you will be able face the opposition lawyer in the court of law. You should watch the trials in the court and try to analyze whether you will be able to work on the above field.

Bachelor’s degree

In order to become a criminal defense attorney, one has to firstly pass the four years bachelor degree course from a reputed institution. There is no need to opt for a specific stream in order to become the above lawyer. But make sure to earn high marks during the graduation in order to get admission in a reputed law college.


Most of the reputed law colleges accept the score card of the LSAT examination. Therefore it’s important for you to meet the minimum requirement for appearing the above examination and also earn a good score in order to become eligible for getting admitted in a reputed law college. You should thoroughly prepare for the above examination in order to score high marks. The above examination generally consists of five different papers. Some of the above papers are meant to test the reasoning ability and analytical skills of the students.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Fees

Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney. If you are in search of a criminal defense attorney and want to know the cost involved in hiring one, the first thing to do is shop around. Speak to at least three attorneys and know their fee structure based on your case. Unlike some attorneys who bill their clients by the hour, criminal defense attorneys are known to charge a flat fee. An attorney you are likely interested in may be able to workout a fee plan and discuss with you at length about your case.

In fact, it makes no sense to expect the same fee from all lawyers in your area. Also, attorneys charge different fee depending on the complexity of your case. For instance fee for first-time DUI will be much less compared to other serious crimes. Some people may want to use the criminal defense attorney to review their drunk driving case and fight against it. In such a case, attorneys charge very minimal fee for pleading guilty on behalf of you or dismissing the case entirely. In essence, those cases that require considerably less time for the attorney are less expensive.

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